Those individuals who are suffering from hair loss most often will concentrate more on camouflaging attempts as opposed to finding the cause or treatment. The reason for this is because most hair loss sufferers especially men believe that hair balding is inevitable and secondly nothing can be done about it.

Fortunately, word is beginning to get around that No losing hair is not inevitable and Yes, there are lots that can be done about it.

Let's talk first about why hair loss happens. As we said contrary to the belief, hair loss does not have to happen. In the last few years, especially Scientists have gotten closer as to some of the causes of hair loss. One of the major factors is the hormone factor, which does in fact affect both men and women. It is the leading cause in men although with women there are several other causes as well. The  is the major hormone involved with the male. It ends up going through a process and the end result is DHT, which becomes the culprit of the hair loss.

Therefore, now that this has been discovered it is much easier to control the loss before it even gets a chance to start so it now becomes a preventative measure. As you can see hair, loss is no longer inevitable.

Now for those of you that are long past the stage of hair thinning and are in full blown male pattern baldness it doesn't mean that there is no hope. Being as the cause has been determined by getting rid of the cause it means that products can be used to stimulate new hair growth. Of course this isn't something that's going to happen oven night. Growing hair is a slow process. For those men who shaved their head in the summer they soon realized how long it took to grow back in. The same applies for male pattern baldness treatment or hair thinning even.

Many have heard about products that have gained some acknowledgement because of their success in this area such as Rogaine for example. There are others as well. Although these are successful measures in many cases they do not work for everyone, and they are not always advisable for everyone. One of the problems that has been noted is that one has to keep on using the product or whatever results they have experienced will reverse. There is nothing wrong with the continuous use of these products if one so chooses to do so.

On the other hand there are some wonderful all natural hair restoration products that are getting some excellent results like Inhairit for example. These are all natural safe and effective, The fact that many of these types of hair treatments are herbal based is becoming something the client is after as opposed to using those that are chemical based.