There are many myths on hair loss causes. They are not true causes of hair loss. It is important to understand what the cause is of your hair loss problem is. Seek assistance from a hair care professional. He or she will be able to recommend the right treatment for you. DHT Blockers are often the most cost-effective treatment for female hair loss and male pattern baldness.

One major cause of hair loss is DHT
DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a hormone bi-product of testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase binding together. DHT causes hair loss by impeding the normal hair growth process. DHT Blockers and inhibitors are compounds that are proven to stop the process.

DHT shrinks and stops the growth of hair follicles. Both men and women have DHT hormones or male hormones as people know it to be. This means both men and women may suffer from hair loss. By using a DHT Blocker, you prevent the conversion of DHT.

To stop hair loss, you should block DHT - the conversion. Many products will be helpful to prevent hair loss. However, in extreme cases you may need the help of a hair care professional. They are the expert in hair care and thus will be able to give proper advice and recommend treatments possible.

Not all hair loss treatment are DHT Inhibitors. Others focus on cleaning follicles, increasing scalp blood flow and address clogging issues.

One antiandrogen product that is effective in inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT is Inhairit. Inhairit is an all-natural DHT Blocker that is doctor-formulated for DHT hair loss. Because it is all natural, it does not have side effects.

Inhairit cleanses the scalp and thus promotes healthier environment for hair growth.

Low Laser Treatment
This laser hair restoration will help the blood circulate in the hair follicles properly. This may be quite a costly process but it very effective. Low laser therapy for hair loss is very effective for hair follicles that are still alive, those hair follicles that are resting or in telogen. If the hair follicle is already dead, low laser treatment is not going to work, and since laser treatments are not DHT blockers, they will not improve the root cause of pattern baldness.

A topical treatment of 2% minoxidil is proven effective in regrowing the hair. This is FDA approved treatment for hair loss.

Hair Transplants
For extreme cases, hair transplants can be a great solution for people losing their hair due to DHT. They is permanent but the cost may affect you as well.

DHT and losing hair are closely relative to each other. It is therefore important that when you see signs of hair loss, you should immediately visit a hair care professional and search for a natural DHT Blocker that will work be for you. This is so you that will be able to treat the problem from its source.