Hair loss is a dreadful condition, while often being bald is a fashion statement. Why are people split in their opinion about having a full head of hair? Let us answer some question pertaining to hair loss and DHT inhibitors. This way, we will understand why some people embrace balding, while others dread this condition.

What causes hair loss?
The common cause of hair loss is dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is a powerful sex hormone. It is the defining factor of manhood such as hair in the face and the body and thickness of voice among others.

On the scalp however, this causes miniaturized hair follicles. This is the cause of pattern baldness in men, for about 96% of all men.

Does DHT affect women?
The same hormone, dihydrotestosterone affects women as well. For women however, hair loss tends to affect the entire scalp as opposed to patterned areas such as frontal hair loss. Therefore, balding may not happen to women except for thinning hair.

What are DHT inhibitors and blockers?
As mentioned, dihydrotestosterone or DHT causes hair loss. DHT blockers and inhibitors stop the movement or lower the level of DHT in the blood. This will therefore stop hair loss and induce hair regrowth.

How will DHT inhibitors help hair regrow?
If the DHT level is lowered, hair loss will stop. Most DHT blockers and inhibitors have added advantage of helping the blood circulate properly.

DHT blockers and inhibitors come as DHT shampoos, conditioners, topical solutions and other format that will help induce hair growth.

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Another important factor in avoiding hair loss is avoiding vitamin deficiency. There is also Inhairit Hair Grow Vitamins for hair loss that will help your hair grow beautifully while inhibiting the action of DHT in the blood.

How long will the hair take to grow back?
Growing new hairs from reversing hair loss usually take at least 3 months. This is because the normal hair growth process takes months to develop. Your hair may be growing but you will notice significant difference only after 3 months. Patience is the key in regrowing new hairs.