Modern science, cosmetic experts and hair doctors are making it possible to reverse hair loss, condition if this is not for you. Reversing frontal hair loss problem starts by understanding the causes of hair loss. There are numerous causes of frontal hair loss. One of which and the most common is Androgenic Alopecia.

What is Androgenic Alopecia?
Androgenic alopecia is the common hair loss problem. It is characterized by progressive thinning hair and it commonly runs in families. This condition is what we call pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, although both caused by androgens show different baldness patterns.

Male pattern baldness is characterized by frontal hair loss and baldness on top. Slowly the balding top and the receding hairline will increase in size. As a result, your forehead will extend up to your vertex, top of the head.

For women, their pattern baldness is not concentrated in one area of the head. Hair loss happens in the entire scalp with the scalp on top of the head becoming visible from a distance.

What is the role of Androgen or Hormones?

Testosterone, the male sex hormone combines with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and converts into the blood by creating dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone, known simply as DHT, is a powerful sex hormone, and body and facial hair growth stimulator. On the other hand, it affects the hair in the scalp by shrinking or miniaturizing hair follicles. By this action, men will have excessive hair growth in the body and the face while frontal hair loss is happening.

Women likewise have testosterone in their blood; however, because women have estrogen in their blood, which is hair growth stimulator, there is no definite location in the scalp that dihydrotestosteronemay affect. Thus, female hair loss is not localized as compared to men who suffer from frontal hair loss and top balding.

How to Prevent Frontal Hair Loss?
If you are a man experiencing frontal hair loss, you may be feeling depressed, do not be. You may use an all-natural DHT inhibitor that will slowly stop your hair loss problem. Inhairit is an all-natural and doctor-formulated product that will block the effects of DHT in your blood. Because it comes from natural ingredients, no side effects may be experienced. It is likewise easy to use and thus promotes prevention of frontal hair loss.

Finally, please remember that frontal hair loss may have other causes. It is therefore necessary that should you be experiencing excessive hair loss, immediately seek advice from a medical professional. This is to ensure that your hair loss problem is not a symptom of more severe medical condition.

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