There are some that hold the theory that if you approach the problem on hair loss early enough you can put a stop to it. It is true that many new treatments and products have come out onto the market but to day there has been no big revelation that it has become the wonder drug for male pattern baldness or any of the other types of hair loss or even thinning of the hair.

One thing that almost everyone that has any concern about this topic will agree that there has certainly been much more interest in the condition by the way of research and newer products as well as natural remedies.

It would seem that DHT is one of the leading culprits of the loss of hair. Where the stumbling block is exactly what is the DHT doing to the hair and why. Even the answer to this seems to becoming much more defined.

To start with it would seem that there is an over production of this hormone. Therefore the logic is found out whats making it produce too much and you will have the answer on how to stop it. The trend of thinking for some researchers is that its estrogen rather than testosterone that is producing the DHT. IF this is the case then the focus must be on reducing the estrogen in the body. Now this raises the questions so how do you do that?

Some advocates of this theory recommend removing foods that contain preservatives from ones diet, including additives, flavorings and colorings. Plus Soya and flaxseed produces soy so this should be excluded as well and of course and foods that contain these supplements.

To add to this attack on estrogen it is believed that estrogen is present in the pollution of our environment. So if you are a city dweller then you need to detoxify your body.

Finally you need to remove the DHT build up from scalp using special creams and shampoos.  These should be shampoos that contain DHT blockers

These are all considered major issues when treating any type of baldness but particularly androgenetic alopecia which is known as male pattern baldness. It must be remembered that women suffer from hair loss as well although perhaps not to the degree that the male does.
There are many new treatments concerning the DHT but the decisions comes down to as whether people want to put chemicals in and on their bodies or are they waiting for a natural form of treatment to surface instead. The general trend seems to be in that direction.