When hair loss in women over 40 starts to take place it can become a most depressing time for the individual suffering from it. To being with hitting the 40s is often something many women dread.

To begin with it must be understood that hair loss in women over the 40s is not just simply a sign that the woman is going beyond her prime and is just simply ageing. There can be many causes of this but most often it's due to hormone changes that are taking place in the body at this particular age.

Hair loss in women over the 40s can often be attributed to the fact that they are pre menopausal. It's at this time of their life that many changes are taking place both mentally and physically.

Research has shown that hormones are a very big factor when it comes to hair growth as well as hair loss. Naturally if the body is going through changes then hair loss in women over the 40s is not all that unusual.

The real question though is what can be done about it. That is a question that points to how can it be stopped and how can the damage be corrected? Fortunately there are positive answers for both of these questions.

Hair loss in women over the 40s demands aggressive steps but not necessarily aggressive treatments. Unfortunately there are some hair loss treatments on the market that aggressively stimulate hair growth successfully only to have it fall out again once the treatment has stopped. In many cases there are side effects to those hair loss treatments that are ingested by pill for example.

Hair loss in women over the 40s is not uncommon so often they become the target of marketing and advertising. Possibly because at this age hair loss makes a woman most vulnerable partly because of the emotional turmoil she is going through with her hormones all being out of whack.

The good news is that the hair loss in women over the 40s is reversible as well as preventable. There are some fantastic natural hair loss products on the market such as those found at Inhairit.com that are very effective in combating the problem.

It basically comes down to fighting hair loss in women over the 40s just as you would for hair loss or thinning at any other age. Just because of the age doesn't mean one is doomed to becoming bald.