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Hair Loss in Women Over Fifty Can Be Treated
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Our hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch every month and each of those hairs lasts for anywhere from two to six years approximately and then falls out. We can lose up to 100 hairs per day. That is the natural process, but hair loss in women over fifty are losing more hair all the time. Most women will not experience complete hair loss, as in the case of many men, but it can be a significant amount just the same. There might be a thinning in certain areas of the head, especially the top, which is not the nicest thing for a woman to have to deal with, especially with hair loss in women over fifty as they are dealing with other changes as well.

Hair loss in women over fifty could be a genetic factor, as very often the thinning of the hair will travel from generation to generation. Many women will have noticed that their mother had thinning hair, as well as their grandmother. A woman will start to lose her hair between the ages of 12 and 40, so for hair loss in women over fifty it is something they have become used to. . Genetic balding has nothing to do with how many hairs are falling out, in respect to hair loss in women over fifty but the fact that the new hair is not able to grow back in.

Women who have more testosterone in their body, will experience more hair loss due to the hormone not allowing the growth of new hair. There are so many other reasons for hair loss too, besides genetic, physical or emotional stress may cause hair to fall out and not grow back, but also if certain medications are used or treatments, surgery or some type of illness, the hair will fall out and not grow back for another six months or so. This seems to be more common in hair loss in women over fifty.

Hormonal changes in the body affect hair loss in women over fifty. Birth control pills, which many women have used in their past, will have an effect. Having chemotherapy quite often will make the hair fall out, especially certain types of the drug. Any nervous habit can contribute to hair loss.

In our society, men are quite often accepted and even found quite sexy, when they are balding or completely bald, but for a woman, this is not true. Many women over the age of 50 will experience some type of balding, in different degrees. It is very rare for a woman to go completely bald from normal circumstances, maybe a woman has lost a loved one, and their hair can fall out more readily because of this traumatic event in their lives.

Women who put themselves on a crash diet, have been known to lose some of their hair, as their bodies have been depleted of the necessary nutrients. So often though, hair loss in women is so difficult to diagnose, but a specialist in hair loss should be able to figure out the cause by digging into the life style and past of the woman. There are treatments to help, and also hair replacements which will help in hair loss in women over fifty will help a woman to feel better about her hair loss, especially if it is to the extreme.

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