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Ayurvedic Oil For Alopecia
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To understand how the ayurvedic oils work for hair and scalp diseases such as alopecia you first need to understand Ayurvedic medicine. It is a simplistic medicine originating from India. Their belief is, in order to treat a problem the body must be treated as a whole and be put into balance, which addresses the mind, body and spirit. They base everything on dosha, which to their way of belief consists of three bio-energetic natural forces.

Alopecia has many different causes and refers to baldness with the most known being male or female pattern baldness, which is more common in men. In Ayurvedic medicine as with any other ailment they address Alopecia  by treating mentally, physically and emotionally.

First, the practitioner will examine the hair to see what is evident, and then will go into an in-depth questionnaire to see what else in the body maybe off balance.

The use of ayurvedic oils will most likely be the chosen treatments unless something else within the body dictates otherwise.  They may be Vranashodhan oil, Brahmi oil, or Anu oil and that just to name three of several they have to choose from. It is believed that these oils will not only stop the hair loss but will encourage new hair growth as well. Again though it will only work if the mind and spirit are treated as well. These oils are usually rubbed into the head and some time on the nose as well.

Due to the beliefs of how the success of Ayurveda for Alopecia treatments are met hinges on individual herbal mixtures for each person. It is not accepted that one treatment works on all kinds of people.

Perhaps the most important question though is do these treatments work? There have been scientific studies performed on the individual oils. Therein may lie the problem. When used for treatment purposes the oils are used in a blend for the individual. They have not been tested this way so any test results would be inconclusive. Even in spite of this though it was discovered in 1991 that the herb extract dabao had some effect on hair growth although only slightly. It has been deemed a safe therapy so is not questioned that much amongst western medicine.

It would seem that there are no shortage of Ayurveda patients suffering from alopecia. It would stand to reason that these forms of treatments would not be so popular if there were not some merit to them.

When it comes to treating alopecia, it is well worth an individual’s time to try some of the natural remedies before jumping to those treatments that involve the use of chemicals.

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